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13 Essentials of an SEO Friendly Website

In this digital age, it’s common knowledge that you need a website. But, is it all? 

Does having a website makes you elidible to sell online and consider having a strong online presence?

No. It was before like that. But, not anymore. 

Do you know there are over 1 billion websites worldwide? and they are increasing as you are reading this article. 

So, you must have something better than what others have in order to be visible online and get seen on the internet for what you offer. 

What is that? SEO. Yes, you might have already heard about SEO. That is the thing which can help you to beat your competitors and get more customers. 

SEO is a huge topic which we are not going to discuss today. As a whole. 

What I am going to share with today are the essential things of an SEO Friendly website. Which is the first and most important factor in whole SEO. 

If you are not doing much in the SEO and still have a good website with all the essentials even then you will rank and get more traffic than those who just created the website for the sake of it. 

After reading this you will know exactly how to make SEO friendly website?

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13 Essentials of an SEO Friendly Website - Darshan Patel

There are over 1 billion websites worldwide. Most of them are not ranking on Google Properly. Why? Because they are not SEO Friendly.


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