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I exactly cannot fathom

Where I actually dwell and in what state

As past always propound on me

Can I forget my ancestors immense role in glee

To indulge of creating progeny

Who may carry the footprint of their existence with huge cacophony

Out of mere reflections

The process of transition flows

Enabling us to proceed

Human civilization only rolls to exhibit

It alone can pave the way

Out of their impudence they alone can beckon their own jeopardy

Instigating them to go for perpetual astray!

I wonder in its crucial juxtaposition

What should be a sensible proposition

Will we indulge few buffoons

Who are unfortunately in the corridor of power

Hardly caring of our dreams and desire

Are n't we any legitimacy to say

We truly are in utter dismay?

Alas! all humans are inclined to equate everything out of the available currency

Which only declare their status and supremacy

Who are capable to garner more

They are subjected to be acknowledged as superior in the Earth's available floor

Gold, the only element surprisingly dictate and dominate

The only parameter being eclipsed us to evaluate without any competitor at par

I wonder how Gold eventually engulf us just out of its ductility or any other inherent feature?

Not only I

But all phenomenal prodigies and their distinct cry

They all are subjected to to such mundane analogy

Where I just mere a fry

Still I bewildered by Gold and its constant role

How this particular element alone can douse all societal brawl!

Success always everyone crave but few can achieve

They too being satiated and equated by Gold

Wonderingly majority welcome its succinct dazzling expression

I wonder when one may struggling to express his distinct entity

Is Gold reflects on his cerebral and in what form to attract its gravity

How it emerged to reign as champion in our cerebral with sheer serendipity!

I do consider success

Which lies in the womb, engulfed with warmth despite huge duress

Host is phenomenal to protect its potential and facilitate to emerge victorious in fray

Being succeeded how will I betray with may haven which allow me to bloom with gay?

I do experience huge travail

Eventually succeeded to deliver a new life with exuberance

I do struggle to accommodate and succeed at its stride to adapt with the available vicinity

A new environs it confronts with new envision, devoid of any tranquility

Utterly contrasting to the experience it confronts in manifold

It terms of the D.N.A. it codifies in its recorded role

But welcoming the warmth of fight to express its rejoice

It is the success of humanity which declares in grand trace

Up down, top bottom, warmth or cold having hardly any say for its majestic foray

Where failures too act as fuel for success to emerge with colorful spray!

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I agree Pascal Derrien. The thrill of the chase.

Pascal Derrien

2 years ago #3

Success is a short term illusion the real prize is in the transformation

Ali Anani

2 years ago #2

"It is the success of humanity which declares in grand trace Up down, top bottom, warmth or cold having hardly any say for its majestic foray Where failures too act as fuel for success to emerge with colorful spray!" Deep meanings and I love your imagination here dear Debasish Majumder "emerge with colorful spray".

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