Debasish Majumder

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I am a product of nature

Within in me dwells nature

I have to fight against nature

Not knowing at the inception about its essence and nomenclature

I proudly declare I am a soul

Having capacity to dominate nature with my emphatic role

It is true nature is my only mentor

I do feel within me nature too exist

How i parley with external nature's appealing proclivity, hardly to resist

How I can I subdue the external force 

Which alone creates reflection in my spectrum in never ending source

And guide me to proceed in due course

Determine me to force to align with her grand dispose!

I am utterly flummoxed

How can I combat nature with her design to predispose

Am I not possess a cerebral

Superior than any creature in nature's floor to celebrate a carnival

Declaring the supremacy with grand expression

Myriad support and conglomerate for my practical observation

Groups we form since inception of human civilization

Upholding the essence that we human alone can claim our prodigy as true champion!

I am clouded with the sense of relativity

Whether gravity or zero gravity it manifests huge clarity

It alone defines the essence of authenticity

When majority subscribe with a view of veracity

Being adjudged by its relevance and purview

Forming groups which only ensure our existence with eternity

Since centuries long we are accustomed to associate to prove our gravity!

In due course of time

Nature's law of evolution we comprehended as only prime

We adapted ourselves by virtue of nature's renditions

The reflection we receive out of our senses

External world unfolds her beauty with magnificent essence

which alone make myriad charisma in nature's floor to make all difference

In human cerebral it makes always honest reflectionsCONTRADICTION BETWEEN INDIVIDUAL AND GROUP!

Enabling us to navigate with exuberance and manifest our emphatic expressions

Singularly e do have the capacity to promote impetus

Mobilizing myriad to make an impact in our environs in chorus!

We do possess five senses

We all can envisage something beyond our senses

We consider it as six sense

Despite it has no physical existence

It appears only in our brain

A reflection we receive, not able to aptly explain!

I wonder is it an alignment of us with the nature's inherent senses

Grouping with nature we claimed to be responsible to form a hospitable domain

Fostered in nature's lap

Fester too happens in nature's floor with amazing clap

Eventually we supplement and complement nature, both

Nature thus endure us and enable to thrive

it alone broach to draw attention for its due approach

Alienating from nature and molesting her modesty

Few only dare to bring mankind into utter jeopardy

Disruption thus bring huge chaos

Only for few eccentrics growth, profit, fame and rapport

Numerous groups are playing in nature's floor

Some are working hard to protect nature's glory in loud

Some are only eyeing on themselves,engaging to defame nature with noisily clout!

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Joel Anderson

2 years ago #6

One to many, Many to one.

I agree with CityVP \ud83d\udc1d Manjit- we need many working as one.

CityVP Manjit

2 years ago #4

The ironic thing is that humility starts with the individual and the word individual means whole - so being "one with the Earth" is being individual.

Jerry Fletcher

2 years ago #3

Debasish, Tis the path we poor mortals must walk. And so it goes.

Debasish Majumder

2 years ago #2

Ian Weinberg

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