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eCommerce Trends to Gain Momentum in Late 2019!

eCommerce Trends to Gain Momentum in Late 2019!eCommerce Trends

to Gain Momentum in Late 2019!

It has been estimated that by the end of 2019, the number of digital buyers globally will be around 1.92 billion.

And this number is expected to reach 2.14 billion users capturing a market of $4.88 trillion by 2021.

On the industry and consumer feedback, we have compiled a list of eCommerce trends that will gain pace in the coming months and affect a user’s buying decision.

Use these trends to gain the maximum benefit for your SaaS eCommerce platform.

1. Visitor Feedback Collection

Gone are the days, when the seller was a king, now is the time of buyers and their choices. Most eCommerce platforms give utmost importance to the visitors and their experience in surfing the website, product pages, etc.

They conduct a checkout survey by asking the user to rate his or her experience with the website via a list of MCQs. It helps in improving the user experience, which ultimately increases the engagement on the platform.

Also, the trend of offering personalized products inspired by the user’s search history and page visits helps in serving his or her needs and interests.

So, if you haven’t tweaked your SaaS eCommerce platform to capture the customer’s feedback, now is the time to leverage this trend and use it to your advantage.

2. Single Sign-On

Would you like to sign-in again and again at different platforms to avail the services? Of course not! Because it becomes irritating and leaves a negative aftertaste.

All the leading eCommerce platforms are offering single sign-on service, which lets the user gain access to multiple software systems. It eliminates the need to remember multiple login credentials like the username and passwords.

It also has multiple benefits like the increase in B2C conversion rates, reducing password-related costs by eliminating help desk systems, etc.

3. Zero Payment Method

Discounts and promotions are the best ways to attract consumers when it comes to eCommerce marketing.

One such super-famous manner of giving discounts to users are online credits or wallet points, which can be redeemed on future purchasing.

If the SaaS eCommerce platform is equipped with the zero-payment method, then the user will be directly taken to the checkout portal in case the amount of product is equal to or less than the available credits.

The feature leaves a positive impact on the user’s mind by helping save money and increases user re-engagement rate.

4. Artificial Intelligence and Chatbot Assistance

An accurate understanding of a user’s demand backed by a prompt action is the topmost need of the eCommerce market.

Online sellers ranging from the grocery to food and electronics market are opting for Chatbots to provide prompt and accurate answers to consumers’ questions; owing to the positive influence of AI in online selling.

The digital assistant understands the common FAQs and answers the questions asked by a user. It also helps merchants who, during the busy times, may not be able to give replies matching the rate of incoming queries.

If you are gearing up your online selling methods, you should check out these 5 eCommerce Trends to Gain Momentum in Late 2019!

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