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I am amazed out of my own expressions
It is nothing but my response to the received reflections
Which being impacted and engulfed my cerebral
Nature alone make her gestures with honest manifestation
I hardly could comprehend and apprehend the gravity of external world
Which do influence and navigate my inherent configuration
Rust in Iron I observe out of nature's rendition
A perpetual change bearing the ingredients with its external presence
For which such change manifest to bemuse and propel human brains
To explore nature's floor
Why nature appear with intriguing characters in galore!

When I see my image in the mirror
I hardly could comprehend why my right hand appear as left
Why I appear angry, happy or sad
How it capture my mental fabric and facial gesture
What matter mirror alone comprised of to confuse my existing stature
What ploy it instantly adopt
How it alone capable to bemuse me
How it abruptly make me sad or forced me to glee!

Reality is something which we face regularly
Unlike the imaginative realm, what we fancied to construe for our convenience regularly
It alone create an ambiance favorable for us to sustain
Myriad of elements with its unique characteristics influence us in our existing domain
Hardly we could envisage the intriguing configuration of human brain
A continuous process always evolve with its colorful train
Sometimes we feel strong, sometimes we feel weak
How could we fathom it is merely nature's intriguing trick?

Amazingly we flow continuously with the available fabric of three tenses
Past, Present and Future configure our existing bases
Surprisingly Past produce continuous reflection and propound in our cerebral
Posing myriad hindrances, not allowing us to propel in our devised direction
Contraction and  expansion or relaxation 
A continuous process always emphatically promote its presence in the form of existential
With its materialistic features which is exponential
Enable us to reach
From shallow water to deep
From indistinct to distinct
From singular to multiple direction with an intension to break all traditional precincts
Which only facilitate to enhance our knowledge with multifaceted direction
Serving for mankind with an ambition to make humanity only champion
Human values may discard vices only to marvel
Humility alone deject hubris with grand melody only to sustain and prevail!


Zacharias 🐝 Voulgaris

2 years ago #3

Astonishment and curiosity, so eloquently expressed here (among other qualities) are the foundations of wisdom, in my book…

Fay Vietmeier

2 years ago #2

@Debasish Majumder  .. 

Many things are an “ENIGMA”

“Human reflection” is a shining example 


I picture God looking over a heavenly balcony .. at human reflection

.. mysterious, puzzling and difficult to understand

.. there are masses of people who doubt .. resist .. ignore all His plans 

.. but there are many who believe our days & our times rest in His able hands 


Why more do not is ever an enigma to me 

“For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.” ~ Romans 1:20


“Languages are being scripted in the sky” ~ Debasish Majumder



I share your lovely "Enigma of Human reflection"



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