Debasish Majumder

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What is democracy?

It is the loveliest form

Where majority can uphold their voices to make a sensible reform

I wonder, do they really can comprehend

How far majority is subjected to exploitation and what to amend

What a veil being introduced to cover the inhuman form of exploitation

In a democratic frame it is sheer insult to such euphemism and confusing illustration

By resorting to myriad heinous design

It is minority who always capable to rein and dominate majority with a mystic align!

In a developing nation

Feudalism and religion proliferate and patronized with a confusing notion

In the corridor of power, minority always establish their hegemony in a shameless expression

Poor people are forced to believe

Religion can only ensure their fortune and relieve

How pathetic the condition of the majority

Still they surprisingly have faith that their pain could be only reduced by minority!

Minority is continuously garnering their strength

Hoodwinking majority by their nefarious stain

Accumulating wealth by all means and their passion for wealth

Only beckoning their jeopardy with a fanatic fiendish rein!

FALLACY WITH DEMOCRACY!Never argue with stupid
people, they will drag

you down to their =
level and then
beat you with
Mark Twain

Cleansing ethnicity a newly adopted form

They are hypnotizing majority with a new warfare known as terrorism just to reform

Nor knowing how far it can eliminate their state

Where minority too will be subjected to all atrocities and will be eliminated in haste

Minority only worship wealth and profit the only means to sustain their regime

It may never be weaken their resolute regime, what they consider as prime

After all majority are deprived of basic needs and cannot be awaken for revolt as far their role

When their day dreaming will change into a nightmare, a grand hyperbole

Hardly can they perceive of guillotine being introduced once in the change of world order

It is an utmost need of the hour

To eliminate bloodshed and agony out of such indignant clamor!

If I raise my voice for majority

I may be treated as villain in the present existing dichotomy

I am not a revolutionary

Nor urging for majority with a clarion call for any upside down change

Still I will be treated perhaps as a traitor, not aligning with the minority’s range

To warn minority for their wicked rule with full of error

Am I wrong to question the minority’s overbearing attitude which only produces abhor?

I wonder who are these scoundrels considering themselves as leaders and consisting at the helm

Why they are being eulogized?

Just to bring only mayhem and beckoning only to jeopardize?

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Excellent read on a controversial subject Debasish Majumder!

Paul Walters

2 years ago #7

Bravo !!!!

Pascal Derrien

2 years ago #6

a fragile equilibrium is it perfect hell no is it better than other systems most probably

Jerry Fletcher

2 years ago #5

Debasish, And yet, when you consider all the forms of government democracy alone rises to the top. Yes, it is manipulated by the rich and powerful but but no other approach has ever proven better. And so it goes.

Great and controversial topic dear Debasish Majumder. You wrote "How far majority is subjected to exploitation and what to amend". This is coincidental as my next buzz shall focus on public opinion and how to influence it. Public opinion is a complex issue and till today we don't understand it well. Crowds follow the elite and the influencers, who are scarce. The majority follow the minority!

Debasish Majumder

2 years ago #3

Cyndi wilkins

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