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I love ladies for their extremely fertile cerebral

They are responsible for even male’s equal cerebral

Both having the potential

To render phenomenal rendition

Surprisingly centuries long

Only female lagging behind and subjected to sheer humiliation

Being incarcerated in kitchen with utter atrocious subjugation!

It is amazing that the female only invented cultivation

When they are forced to stay in caves in sheer isolation

They first observe how seeding occur

Facilitating human to repudiate nomadic life and anchor

Their rancor only helps human civilization to accelerate with valor!

I wonder when in modern civilization

Women are subjected to utter humiliation

Still their shrill cry

Pierce our heart with sigh

Why can’t we still ensure minimum security?

Where they can’t rely male with due dignity

Are we so nefarious?

Ignoring the fetus which makes us only vociferous!

Females’ wombs are amazing domain

Where amniotic fluids gravitate and reign

The only source for our receptive phenomena

Sound of external world script our mundane panorama

When we descend in Earth floor

All eagerly awaits when we make our first uproar

Our first cry only soothe all who are eagerly awaits for our roar!

But alas! None can envisage

We male have only potential to rampage

Causing mess to female centuries long carnage

Female infanticide became a fancy

Can we truly exist without them to declare our paramountcy?

I am blessed that I derived from my mother’s womb

That alone enables me to sincerely groom

Whose tender care

I am opportune to observe the mundane beauty with flair

It is the mother who alone only ask

Dear son are you in any distressful flux?

I think you should [&5
pay for your own =
mortgage, birth :
control, college
loans, food and
cell phones.

This isn’t because
I’m Conservative.
It’s because I'm
an adult.

© THE PATRIOT POST" Lieifolne El apatriotbon
popes [3 Patriotpost

I would say mom

Don’t fear I am absolutely in rhythm and pomp

It is only your blessings

I am enjoying life with grandeur with my all siblings

None can eclipse your fervor

This is the only source for our entire clamor!

This buzz dedicated to Claire L Cardwell for her outstanding contributions in beBee land!


Helena Jansen van Vuuren

4 years ago #9

Have just been protesting in London about women's pensions in the UK and the belated decision that despite never having experienced equality I should now get my pension 6 years later than contracted - am 65 years old have seen this and that come and go but am always reminded about a tweet I read attributed to an elderly man(name unknown): My 89 year old father says that men should be glad women ONLY want equality and not revenge.
Outstanding piece, Debasish Majumder. Your last two lines are powerful and empowering.

Jerry Fletcher

4 years ago #7

Debasish, I have to agree with CityVP Manjit. The poster is a male viewpoint. Perhaps you meant this as a positive view about what passes for freedom's a woman might strive for in some parts of the world. In that case, I appreciate your desire to applaud them. But, across the world women are held hostage by men through custom, religion and brute strength. I'm thinking of Saudi Arabia where the crown prince publicly announced that women would be allowed to drive while privately jailing the women that had championed the idea. the most fearsome beasts are mothers defending their children. Men should pray that the mothers of the world's daughters do not decide the time has come to defend their true rights. We are seeing the beginnings of that in the USA. And so it goes.

CityVP Manjit

4 years ago #6

Poem is great as usual, but why celebrate with a quote by John Hawkins that features a stock photo of a woman expressing a right wing view? That has little to do with being female. If anything I associate nurturing intelligence and not right wing dogma as a female trait.

Debasish Majumder

4 years ago #5

George Touryliov

Ali Anani

4 years ago #4

Dear Debasish Majumder- honestly, I intended to write an idea that crossed my mind while reading your lovely poem. Then, you covered the same idea in your writing "Females’ wombs are amazing domain'. This is an experience that no man shall experience and shall remain the monopoly for women. These wombs produce varieties of humans as the womb that produced you to become "the women advocate".

Debasish Majumder

4 years ago #3

Cyndi wilkins,

Debasish Majumder

4 years ago #2

Pascal Derrien

Debasish Majumder

4 years ago #1

Claire L Cardwell

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