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I am looking through the open casement

Dark night with dazzling light impacted to my spectrum in the firmament

Clusters of stars

Attracted my vision with beckoning gesture

I wonder are they male, female or transgender

An intriguing appeal it promotes to my cerebral about their mystic behavior!

Out of my alacrity

Many a times I threw stones at them with joviality

But the stones eventually fallen down to the nature's surface

Where i stood only to experience my grimace

It reached to certain height and subsequently fell down

Without changing its mass, it reappeared to me to prove me as a clown

Law of gravitation only satiate me instantly

I rejoiced for its paramountcy which is my experimental prophecy

I admit its paramountcy

Which alone I concur from our ambiance with an amazing symphony!

I consider gravitation was the only prime

Not able to comprehend universe and its amazing rhyme

How poor my own faculty to fathom

Electron, Proton and neutron and its configuration 

Causes huge impact in nature's floor at random 

The potentials of Hydrogen in water to suffice our existence for metabolism and digestion

Centuries back there was no "I" to ensure my eventual comeback to assign

How I evolve in due course of time to draw a sensible equation of evolution to align!

I am a product of conjugation of male and female

But my existence not entirely determined by their emotional turbulence

I myself is a Mistry

That is why I am enamored with chemistry

Not just quantity, I do possess a distinct quality

My progeny too will bear the eloquent testimony of such intriguing ambiguity!


Suddenly I heard a shrill cry

My daughter who was experiencing travail, gave birth of a fry

Her screamed brought me to the Earthly realm

She gave birth of a girl child and encompassed her offspring with warmth on her bosom

An aura of delight smeared and reflected on her face

 Which I merely observed with utter grace

Male, female or transgender is not my immediate concern which appeared in fore

A new life and its transformation I will observe to explore in our domain with an uproar

Sheer euphoria eclipsed my heart with multiple layer

I wish she has born as a new star in my mundane star design with delectable flair!

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Jerry Fletcher

9 months ago #4

A star is born! And so it goes.

Pascal Derrien

9 months ago #3

a deep one

Debasish Majumder

9 months ago #2

Joel Anderson,

Debasish Majumder

9 months ago #1

Fay Vietmeier

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