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How to know about blocked fallopian tube

How to know about blocked fallopian tube

There are no symptoms of Blocked Fallopian Tubes unless you plan for a family and face trouble conceiving. One of the significant reasons for infertility in females is their Blocked Fallopian Tubes. It scores as high as 40% of the cases related to female infertility. The good part is that it is curable in most cases and can be cured naturally. Aasha Ayurveda is a pioneer name if you are looking Fallopian Tube Blockage Doctor in Delhi.


What is Blocked Fallopian Tubes ?

To understand the problem, we must first understand the fallopian tube. It is an organ that joins the uterus to the ovary. The female reproductive system consists of two fallopian tubes that join two ovaries to the uterus. During ovulation, an egg cell is released from any one of the ovaries and then waits in the fallopian tube for fertilization for up to 24 hrs.

It gets fertilized if it receives a sperm and implants itself into the endometrium post reaching the uterus. In case if egg remains unfertilized, it sheds out by the reproductive system during mensuration's.

Since there are two ovaries, if one of the fallopian tubes is blocked, the egg can still reach the other one, resulting in a pregnancy. Natural conception is possible if only one tube is blocked but impossible if both tubes are blocked. This blockage may obstruct sperm from fertilizing the egg in the tube. Hence, this obstruction is called fallopian tube blockage or tubal blockage.

Since every female have two fallopian tubes and if both tubes are blocked and do not allow the egg to pass through, infertility occurs.



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