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Social media trends to dominate in 2019

Social media trends to dominate in 2019

Social media has become an inevitable part of our lives and companies continue to invest their platform to make it immersive and relevant to users. Companies and small scale businesses are immensely focusing on social media presence to increase their customer base.

Every year technologies change, social media platforms evolve and new real-life trends emerge that’s what needs to be considered for focusing on the present day.

Augmented reality has opened up new ways to interact with users that can help social media pages and users to interact with users. The impressiveness of Augmented reality content will prevail on all social media platforms and the trend is likely to grow for a while.

People find it more comfortable to communicate through chats. The chatbots offer comfort to users in interaction and help social media pages, customer care executives, website administrators to communicate with visitors effectively. Visitors feel they are having a real-time conversation but the concerned executive reply to their query with a delay.

The web is flooded with content and people have less time and patience to read. Video & live streaming is in trend with access to high-speed internet even in most populous countries like in China and India. Live streaming on social media platforms is often used by YouTube channels, Facebook pages and users to interact in real time with friends and subscribers.

When someone is searching for a phrase then search engines and social media platforms are going to show relevant content to the user. If the content is irrelevant or of low quality then users will soon leave that page then this is considered as a bounce which is a criterion to rank the content lower. A deep down buried content is hardly visited by any user, so start focusing on quality content.

Facebook market place, Instagram and other one-click buy ads and pages on social media platforms are providing a more immersive user experience. The number of users on social media platforms and users’ visitation time on these websites getting increased is a clear sign that these features are base for the upcoming trend in 2019.

Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat etcetera have launched the option of stories last year which can have small video, the slideshow of images, flashing images which stay there for 24 hours. The stories have a non-overlapping fresh content which users can see within 24 hours that’s why it lures users to go through these stories every day.

From small companies to conglomerates all associate themselves to social movements which reflects as their social responsibility contribution and alleviates them to feature on news channels, news websites, social media pages and various other websites. The companies that associate themselves with empathic movements tend to grow their revenue by more than 50%.

Only on aligning oneself with ongoing trends can help in growing on rapid pace than peers in the market so stay updated stay relevant.

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