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Top 6 Best Video on Demand Platform Provider

Top 6 Best Video on Demand Platform ProviderLHR LEAL LI EL LRT

The arising need of video platforms has shown that enterprises are now eager to host their business online. There are lot of platforms available in the market, some are free but share the revenue and some are paid with some additional useful features and also do not share the revenue.But, when it comes to choosing the most suitable VOD providers is vital as it sets the base for your business.

Here is our list of the very best video on demand platforms with the great pledge.


Webnexs is one of the best video-on-demand solution to begin your video streaming services. It focuses on permitting customizable video streaming platforms for enterprises. Also, it provides robust monetization alternatives like SVOD, TVOD, AVOD, and more to improve your revenue. Their VOD solutions are common across all web applications and mobile tools, creating them flexible and scalable.

Highlighted Features:

Video monetization

Hasslefree playing

Video hover

Content security

2. Vplayed

Vplayed is a end-to-end VOD solution that can be used by businesses to built their own VOD service on any source. It provided with multiple security methods including access control, encryption and Digital Rights Management. Its fully customizable platform that has ability to meet all the video on demand needs of any enormity. Education, sports, music websites, entertainment channels, media houses, corporate conferences and much more can help from Vplayed video on demand solution.

Highlighted Features:

Fully Customizable

Inbuild video

Multi DRM Platform

Video Monetization

3. Brightcove

Brightcove is a host on demand video service particulary for publishers, digital marketers, and enterprise users. The complete suite of video solutions is designed mainly for brands to offers video streams the best way possible and produce revenue with your video streams on different devices and platforms.

Highlighted Features:

Live Video Streaming

Video monetization

Analytic Reports

High-end Security

Social Media Integration

4. Muvi

Muvi is best VOD solution that is easy to utilize considering the technical elements of setting up your VOD website from handling the infrastructure to set up payment integrations. Muvi is a complete end-to-end video on demand across a milieu of devices including mobile, web and CMS.

Highlighted Features:

Video CMS

CDN Video Delivery

Video Hosting

Online Video Player

Video Transcoding

5. Uscreen

Uscreen is a Video Streaming and Monetization Solution platform that permits content creators to deliver the content safely and profitably. It is a easy yet great SaaS solution providing video creators complete control over the revenue generated. It also permits selling single videos and setting up subscription plans to bring revenue as well.

Highlighted Features:

Scheduled Content Delivery

Video Progress Tracking

Customizable Themes

SEO Friendly

6. Xfinity Formerly Comcast

It is one of the best video on demand platform that simplifies the task of high-definition of videos to screens of varying size. Digital Cable & Internet TV Solution Xfinity permits media houses and enterprises to turn their VOD assets into monee task of y-churning assets. It also offers for flexible revenue models including of SVOD, TVOD, AVOD among many others.

Highlighted Features:

Xfinity Voice Remote

Live broadcast and cable networks

Cloud DVR & On Demand

Sports Zone apps

These are some of the video on demand providers who offer the best quality video services to start your own VOD service. However, while choosing a platform, you want to ensure the solution that suits your unique business needs, and fits yours pocket.

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