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Why Productivity Matters as an Attitude

Why Productivity Matters as an Attitude

The word “productivity” carries incredible mileage in today’s world.

But one should understand it deeper—before using its various connotations and inferences. It is both deeper and broader than its general perception. It is, however, also important to realize and grasp its overall meaning, tangible benefits, and the value additions it can bring to your life and career.

Without further ado, let’s explore.

1. You Make the ‘Most’ Out of What’s There

Productivity isn’t about becoming a machine, or just increasing your efficiency. In fact, quality work takes time—and it is not always possible to deliver your best while going at mach speed. It is, however, about bettering yourself. And that is something I see as an invaluable skill. Productivity isn’t just about being an efficient or better worker. You can be a productive talker or a productive chef. It is not about being the fastest, or the best. It is about getting the most out of what is available.

2. You Become a Better Version of Yourself

If perceived as a healthy, constructive attitude—it can be beneficial to those that adapt it. Look at it as a healthy challenge, or goal—instead of an imposition, and it can better your life. ‘Getting the most isn’t always about work, goals or learning. It also involves enjoying the day-to-day activities. All work and no play isn’t really ‘productivity’—it’s a method for an internal stress implosion. Being truly productive means doing your best, being your best, sharing knowledge, possibly a few laughs, and having a day that feels truly satisfying. It is about achieving the most—but making the day sing for you and others.

3.Your Organization Gets a Culture Boost

Productivity, of course, forms a vital part of work and work culture as well. When adapted by employees, both individually and as a group—it boosts the organization as a whole. In fact, aspects that build a great culture can have a direct impact on the productivity. These can be varied in nature. From employee incentives and bonuses—to the entire workplace design itself. Speaking of the latter, aspects like collaboration rooms, creative wall art, biophilic elements etc. can go a long way in building positive, creative vibes. A great workplace will always help a great, productive culture to thrive.


Overall, when adapted as an attitude, is when productivity is best understood. It goes far beyond just theory or concept—it can be a vital part of daily life. One that brings out the best in people, and helps them make the most of their days.

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Shilpa Revankar

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