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Wildlife Tours in India

Wild India 

India is a vast and diverse country and one of the most populated as well. It is not diverse in terms of its people the land is diverse as well in fact the biodiversity is seen to be believed. The country is blessed many zoogeographical regions that intersect it territory. The extreme North has affinity with Palearctic Region, the West has affinity with Ethiopian Region, the East has affinity IndoMalayan Region and Chinese Sub region. While the Peninsula comprises of the Oriental Realm.     

Wildlife Tours in India                                                                                                 Himalayas 

Tiger Tourism

Most popular tours in India aim at the majestic Bengal tiger a critically endangered species it numbers around three thousand now but fortunately growing. There are more than fifty tiger reserves in India and many of then are subject to tourism. The most popular destination to see the tiger in the wild is as follows:

  • Kanha National Park
  • Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve
  • Corbett Tiger Reserve
  • Bandhavgarh National Park
  • Pench National Park
  • Tadoba National Park
  • Panna National Park    
These are most popular for tiger safaris and large number of tourists visit them every year. Also film makers and wildlife photographers frequently carry out expeditions in these reserves.

The Gharial & River Dolphins 

The Chamber River Sanctuary is most popular for its boat rides on pristine unpolluted river. This is the best place to see the gharial and the Ganges river dolphins in the country.  Proximity to Agra and Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary makes it a popular destination in Central India.  The gharial is also seen at Corbett Tiger Reserve. 

4cc2e8da.jpg                                                                            Gharial - Margret Norah

The Lion Tailed Macaque 

Southern India is well known for its endemic mammals and birds. The most popular places are the Salim Ali Sanctuary in Nilgiris, Western Ghats, Periyar, Munnar and Ooty.  The Nilgiri Langur, Nilgiri Tahr and Slender Loris are some of the creatures that can be seen in these destinations on  safari.

7489e2cd.jpg                                                                                   Toddy Cat - Margret Norah 

Organizing Wildlife Tours 


In order to travel to a number of places and vast distances the services of wildlife tour operator is a must. You can book wildlife tours in India online as well. The tour companies have their website with details of packages and itineraries. Most of the operators offer tailormade of customized tours hence you can visit reserves and National Parks to see the animals of your choice. Besides wildlife the itineraries also include visits to major historical monuments and sightseeing places in India.
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