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4 months ago

Dave Gerhardt - 2nd cee
CMO at Privy (#1 Sales App on Shopify) | B2B Brand Builder

4d . Edited + ®

"Sponsoring virtual events are just not working for us.”

That's what the CMO of a $250+M public company told me this week.

And it was nice to hear that. Because it's TRUE. Let's stop pretending this is
going to work. Run a bunch of Zoom calls and share the attendee lists with


Events can be an amazing channel. But this is not a playbook that can just be
“moved online.”

The brands that win will be the ones that RE-THINK the entire experience.
Forget that it was “events budget.”

With a blank slate, what are all of the things you could do to generate revenue in
this world?

~ that's the right approach to take


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