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Booking A Tiger Safari at Bandhavgarh

Bandhavgarh National Park is one of the most popular destination in Central India or the State of Madhya Pradesh. It is also a tiger reserve and large number of tourists visit it every year. The quest is in search of a Bengal tiger but other animals and birds are also enchanting and equalling a thrilling site.

In order to see a tiger at Bandhavgarh one needs to visit the tourism zone in the core area. Twenty percent of the park is open for tourism, and it is this area that you can visit in quest of the big cat. Tourism also takes place in buffer zone but is less fruitful.

You cannot just drive in, you need a permit to enter the tiger heaven. Hence before you arrive at the destination you should book a permit. This can be done online as well as the current window. Often it is too late by the time you reach the window since safaris are booked well in advance. You book in advance as well. 

Booking A Tiger Safari at Bandhavgarhoul a

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As soon as your trip is finalized you can start booking your safaris online. The MPonline website provides the facility to book your excursions. Hence log on, visit the page and book. You have an option for date and time and the zone you wish to visit.

There are few options for safari or game watching rides, one is to book them for evening and morning rides. The other is to book a full day ride. In the regular ride you can book a private safari or a single seat. In the latter you can share rest of the seats with other guests who opt for it. This is cheaper since the cost of ride is shared with five other tourists. The seating limit per jeep is six tourists.


You have an option for excursions on a canter which seats twelve people. The booking for canter is done on the spot at the entry gate on first come first basis. If you are single than this is a good option and will save you lot of money. Though you have know control as to where the canter goes you will still enjoy the sightings including that of the tiger.  f8084cf8.jpg

If you book a private safari you have to pay the whole amount. But you can share it with friends and family if you have added their names in the permit. In this case you pay the entry fee, guide fee and the jeep hire cost. This is substantial but then you have the jeep to yourself.  

park safari charges that are applicable. If you are booking a hotel near the destination the manager can assist you in this task.

If you visit the park without advance permits you will have to seek them at the entry gate and they may not be available.

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