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Kanha on Package Tour

Wildlife enthusiasts travel over many National Parks or Tiger Reserves in India and some

are in the popular circuit. These are Kanha National Park, Ranthambhore, Bandhavgarh and

Pench. While there are many other tiger reserves they are not aligned and scattered far and wide. For a robust itinerary for group travelers who prefer these packages connectivity is important. The connectivity preferred is usually by road but destinations may be reached by rail or flight. Highways with good road network is of great importance as continuous travel to tiger reserves can be tiring and good roads well equipped stops are essential when traveling to many destinations.

Kanha on Package TourCL ie

The preferred destinations in itinerary for Central India are Khajuraho, Panna,Bandhavgarh and Kanha. These are aligned by a road network and the starting point is New Delhi. Overseas visitors would arrive at IGI International airport to be received by the company representative. Usually a day or more is scheduled in the itinerary for sightseeing at New Delhi. The Capital City has interesting historical monuments that visitors love to experience. These are Qutub Minar, Red Fort, Humayun's Tomb and Purana Qila. Among the modern marvels worth  visiting are the Swami Narayan Temple and Bahai Lotus Temple. Another must visit on paddle rickshaw is the ancient Chandni Chowk Bazaar with loads of antiquities being sold and amazing gastronomic delicacies of Indian cuisine to savor. 


Next trip is Agra since a sight of Taj is the highlight of the tour apart from the tiger. At Agra visits take place to three places of interest one is to Taj of course, then the Red Fort followed by a visit to Fatehpur Sikri. In between lunch is organised and then an overnight train to Jhansi boarded. A local guide accompanies the guests at both the destinations.  


The arrival on Jhansi is on the next day and from there the group drives to Khajuraho Temple City. A day is enough here to explore the magnificent Hindu temples some of which contain unique erotic carvings. There are twenty five temples in three complex post visit the night is spent in one of the many luxurious hotels.


Panna Tiger Reserve is only one hour drive and couple of safaris are organised in order to the tigers and other enchanting animals and birds. From here the group drives to Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve and it will take at least six hours. Hence a night is spent in one of those swanky wildlife resorts in the forest. 


The group spends time here at Bandhavgarh on few safaris in order to see the tigers in their natural habitat. We will also see the ancient structures that date back to two thousand years. This reserve is picturesque and the terrain is hilly with marshy grasslands unique features that one may not get to see everywhere.

package tour at Kanha and we will enjoy. The destination has more than hundred tigers and they do not disappoint. This is a fantastic destination for birding as well and our guide will show us many interesting winged wonders.     
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