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Capitalizing on the Future of Online Grocery Shopping

Capitalizing on the Future of Online Grocery Shopping



The above quote has always been relevant in the world that experience innovations, inventions, transformations every now and then. The globe is transcending into an era where both people and businesses are evolving to re-invent existence. The COVID-19 pandemic has almost rocked the foundation of everything everywhere. Hence, those who adapt as per the new norms will be the ones to create legacies ahead for a long run.

Now-a-days, technology has played pivotal role in re-shaping different industries. Food, music, transport, or even fashion has an altogether new platform with innovative channels and media to connect with their consumers. Even the most ordinary and most widely penetrated Grocery industry has been smitten and being reshaped.

History of re-invented grocery store industry dates back to 1916 when the world witnessed its very first dedicated grocery store serving via the self-service model. The harbinger of this tendency is Tennessee’s Piggly Wiggly. This business model opened doors to the trend of supermarkets offering a myriad of product categories under the same roof. Soon it appeared the convenience of grocery delivery service with online payments and smart stores adding to the entire consumer experience together with a new dimension to online grocery delivery.

The Recent Disruption in the Grocery Industry

The future of online grocery delivery depends characteristically on the changes taking place with the compatible technology throughout the industry. With the onset of online channels and modules, the brick-and-mortar stores had to unfold their consumer offering styles and patterns to attract the evolved consumers.

A new consumer

On the onset of new trends, the e-commerce companies have offered everything at the consumer’s doorsteps at lucrative prices that put the offline grocery retailers in a limit. The evolved consumers today are leaning to convenient, hassle-free and fast grocery delivery service. A health-conscious and aware consumer wants to lead the whole ecosystem to an improved and sustainable system.

Emerging New Ecosystems

Since global players like Amazon, discounters like dollar stores and convenience stores started making their way into the grocery domain, markets changed. Resultantly, these have consumed a major chunk of the market shares, bringing online grocery business to the forefront.

The future of grocery e-Commerce partly depends on the prices quoted by the global players like Amazon. At this challenging stage, the small-time local retailers have to understand the reason of dipping revenues, and find out how to channel grocery e-Commerce business to recover the gaps to revive income growth.

4. The Digital Deluge

The way digitalization gained momentum in the grocery business and therefore paving the way for newer technologies to penetrate. Otherwise, this phenomenon puts the future of online grocery business on an altogether different path.

With the global players launching online grocery delivery models offering unprecedented convenience at affordable costs, the brick and mortar grocers have to find the ways to cut down their prices for their survival.

Imperative Steps to Capitalize Gains as a Grocer in the Coming Times

Now the emergence of digitally regulated grocery delivery service has given grocers new opportunities of limitless growth and expansion. They have accepted the challenges to move ahead of their traditional pattern to meet the consumers at their new edge. 

At the time when Covid-19 lock down rocked the base of every business, grocery delivery gained momentum and earned unexpected revenues to the owners as well as created seamless opportunities ahead. 

1. Strategize your value proposition

The customers want that their trusted grocers provide their groceries at their doorstep. Therefore, the retailers who develop their system in this direction will capitalize on gains even during tough times.

2. Enhance capabilities to fill gaps

Consumers have become habitual to the luxury of automated suggestions, reminders, notifications, and alerts. Keep them in the same zone with grocery delivery too as a regular consumer desires most.

3. Augment technical applications to grow your online grocery business

Providing your customers source of engagement through mobile applications and interactive web interfaces will add weight to your e-commerce. As applied their online grocery delivery gets, as high will their satisfaction be.

4. Customer engagement

Attractive offers and deals light up the grocery shopping experience of the customers. Moreover, keep your marketplace homepage offering exciting new engaging activities that will help converting audience to customer accounts.

5. Commercial presence

Keep active participation on social media forums and grocer community groups to pick up the latest happenings thereby communicating the engaging and relevant communications to your grocery marketplace homepage will make people acquainted with you to impact your sales.

6. Operations & Management

A fast and well managed grocery delivery service will always keep the customers satisfied. When the catalogues are properly arranged and the checkout is smooth, customers can shop groceries efficiently enhancing their shopping capacities to contribute your online grocery business.


Technology-powered e-Commerce platform is an ultimate desire for modern shoppers. As well as, online grocery store such as Basketor gets fashioning in the same manner. As the new evolved consumer is constantly geared up by updates, news and international trends, he knows more about health, food and products than ever before.

Hence, the future of grocery e-Commerce is thus set to a world where the consumer is enriched and supplemented above what is already available at what cost and facilities.

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