Debasish Majumder

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I am crying, I am frying

My body is smeared with blood

My eyes are filled with tears

My hands are numb, engulfed with fear

My emotions are being encapsulated and I am desperately trying

To put a musk on my face to appease other with outlandish mechanism

I am pretending to be happy with my garnered opulence

Am I not deceived by construing my edifice of false reverence?

What I eat, what I wear or what I swear

Whether attire or my sense of satire

All being actually designed by myriad

Whom I don’t know, neither able to discriminate

How they contribute to configure my entity

Thus nature alone produces a reflection with honest sensitivity

This only determines my existence with sheer fecundity!

I am amazed to observe in my vicinity and sucks

Slavery still prevalence with grand ruckus

Alas! Children and women are the worst victim

They are incarcerated even in container and exported clandestinely with sarcasm!

Myriad innocent souls

Being allured by few with false promises to achieve their instant goals

Their pernicious roles, a heinous attitude always make sound to suppress our humanitarian role

Alas! The majority fall into their nefarious ploy

Whether agriculture, industry or domestic employ

Only focusing to satiate their instant survival design with imitation coy

To enjoy ephemeral joy

Only few daringly having guts to make majority’s life miserable

Still we dare not to raise our voices for such acts which is truly reprehensible

We are just dazzled by dispensation of civic amenity

Beauty we beholders admire, ignoring the creators and their inequitable acrimony!

Creativity we appreciate by its ostentation

Hardly have we comprehended the pain and toil suppressed in hidden gestation

Huge profits and wealth we observe and salute and subdue to its rendition

Human capital is the only key to open such door of serendipity with rapt expression!


Across the world the greatest menace is now human trafficking

Without human touch

Is there any presence of artificial intelligence at large?

But this menace is only freaking

Humanity being trampled by its overbearing and eccentric rhythm

Oh! What an alluring call for avarice

Which alone making human history’s brief journey with human’s alone mystic algorithm!

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Life is becoming like a masquerade ball.

Fay Vietmeier

1 year ago #8

Pascal Derrien ... very clever perception of deception ;~)

Pascal Derrien

1 year ago #7

The Mask Republic ....

Fay Vietmeier

1 year ago #6

Debasish Majumder Debasish~ thank you for your poetry ;~) Many thoughts to ponder Self-deceptions plunder My favorite lines: "What I eat, what I wear or what I swear human trafficking … without human touch

Congrats dear Debasish Majumder for your poemhas depth and meaning.

read this beautiful post and reflect on it

another piece of (he)art, made to let us be more aware, well done Debasish Majumder

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