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I am an alcoholic

I too smoke profusely, I am an addict

Yet I resort to an alibi

Alcohol stimulates me to be a creative

I don’t know how far I am affirmative

But I do admit alcohol is extremely provocative

To usher people with my creation

My ambition is to keep them in sheer jubilation

But I don’t have even an iota of doubt

My addiction having immense clout

Propel me to write more and more

With an aspiration, I may live when I will be no more!

I have seen myriad

Who are ruined out of addiction and became deprave

Though their intoxicating agents are proven as carcinogenic

But many too die who are never an alcoholic

They are surely lucky who are possessed with D.N.A.

Which can be immune those to save them from decay

Yet we cannot rule out a proven fact

By tedious endeavors of scientists with their selfless tact

They unearthed addictions which brings disharmony to an available society

Only to yield dividends for few and cause majority’s infamy

They indulge many to go for astray

Not to uphold their voices to the existing injustices in an available fray

Intoxicants too are like an analgesic

Soothe many from excruciating pain they suffer to prove their acts as heroic!

I am no longer different from many

Who love to be immersed by intoxicants elusive company

Hydrogen, Oxygen, Carbon and Nitrogen

Configure me primarily with a mystic essence

These four elements play the pivotal role

Out of them only I exist to make a hyperbole!

Hydrogen alone I find the most intriguing element

It is responsible to produce alcohol and antibiotics

In recurrence with its mystic presence

A lone electron with negatively charged ion

Makes all emphasis on Earth in its grand echelon

Unfortunately we are engulfed by its negativity without any qualms

v3 AND ed A

Still we claim we are the only creature supreme in nature’s arm

What a grand rendition this element alone offer

We mortals hardly can fathom its clamor!

I am in quandary

Whether it is toxic or non-toxic in its gravity

But nature alone script its probity

Scripting it as an element of legendary

Our universe perhaps exists out of its paramountcy!

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Jerry Fletcher

3 years ago #9

Debasish, I have become addicted to your presenting powerful thinking through poetry. Once again you have delineated a part of the human condition. Thank you.

CityVP Manjit

3 years ago #8

Addictions such as the Opioid crisis is a huge problem in North America that is leaving an awful death toll . The first line of the poem is the opening statement made by every attendee at any Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, and the power of that expression comes from simply making a statement about being an alcoholic. While i do not drink, at a medallion ceremony for a friend of my brother who was celebrating one year sober, I uttered the words everyone else did "I am an alcoholic" - and in a group setting those become very powerful words, for after uttering them I was clear on the significance of that word for those who do have an addiction to alcohol and who have at least taken the first step to recovery, which is state the condition out aloud. At the time I did not want to make that declaration being that I do not drink, but I am glad my brother cajoled me into repeating the words "I am an alcoholic" - because afterwards I recognized kinship not with the problem of addiction but the opportunity to be human.

Geoff Hudson-Searle

3 years ago #7

Debasish Majumder alcohol, drugs and smoking are always a short-term fix, these vices cannot be sustained long-term. We all have a journey and a story to tell, I was with a fellow published author discussing the challenges of adversity, how in life you have the ability to overcome these endeavors and create a very different life. With all these circumstances, it normally starts and finishes with love. Have a great weekend!

Ali Anani

3 years ago #6

Dear Debasish Majumder- yes, you are right in writing I am no longer different from many Who love to be immersed by intoxicants elusive company Hydrogen, Oxygen, Carbon and Nitrogen Configure me primarily with a mystic essence But life leaves a value for the "missed" or less-remembered members such as rare elements has a vital role in keeping us alive. Abundance has the spot light, but those people left in the darkness may be illuminating like tiny species in the darkness of deep oceans. We know their value when we are in need of them.
Addiction to alcohol, smoking, and drugs is a short-term fix. However, some believe alcohol sparks creativity. Some of the most famous authors have made some interesting quotes about drinking. “Fill with mingled cream and amber,/ I will drain that glass again./ Such hilarious visions clamber/ Through the chamber of my brain —/ Quaintest thoughts — queerest fancies/ Come to life and fade away;/ What care I how time advances?/ I am drinking ale today.”―Edgar Allan Poe

Debasish Majumder

3 years ago #4

CityVP \ud83d\udc1d Manjit

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