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How Inside Sales representatives reach their targeted prospects?

As an Inside Sales representative, you should know EXACTLY what your target audience looks for, wants, needs, interested in, understands and thinks. If you don’t have this, you will end up playing your cards wrongly. On the other hand, having this handy will help you generate qualified and actionable sales leads.

How Inside Sales representatives reach their targeted prospects?7d

How are leads generated?

There are different ways to generate lead lists and they cost you from nothing to blood rich.

1) Generating leads manually from various online directories, phone books and websites:-

Easily any one can pick up names of companies, addresses and phone numbers from a wide variety of online directories or phone books that are available on the Internet.

Apparently, there are limitations of building leads from these sources. It doesn’t answer ‘Who is the decision maker’ question. Even if you get to discover information on top-level executives from website, still you can’t make out if he is the decision maker for your product.

2) Buying List:-

Another great way to generate hot “ready to buy” leads is to buy them from lead brokers and lead companies. These companies’ sole focus is to generate leads and sell them to companies like you.

The BUYING LIST option presents itself as a two edged sword with accuracy and list updating frequency WHICH determine the success ratio for Inside Sales experts.

Let’s flip the coin to see limitations. Research says that, about 10-15% of organizations relocate annually. It also emphasizes that top management attrition strikes double digit figure in a year. This means, on an average 7 to 8% of your list becomes outdated and unusable in 3 months time. Here, we are not considering the date of purchase but the date was last verified by your vendor who provided you the list.

Breaking new grounds:

At the end-of-the-day, you want targeted industry, companies, decision makers AND their contact information (email addresses and phone numbers). Making call to your non-target group, decision maker and to outdated numbers costs company an arm and leg.

Any successful Inside Sales representative will look for ‘Accuracy’ in the list and how this can be achieved by enriching the outdated  / aged / incomplete information that they have?

How eGrabber can help you overcome this problem?

eGrabber specializes in Internet Lead Generation Research.
eGrabbers products are LeadGrabber Pro and LeadResearcher Pro

LeadGrabber Pro:

LeadGrabber Pro is a B2B list building software that allowinside sales professionals to instantly build contact lists from search engines. By intelligently detecting and extracting contact information in web pages, LeadGrabber its users countless hours of doing manual extraction. Additionally, by using the built-in 100+ powerful Boolean search commands, you can build a niche list that is suited to your specific needs.

LeadGrabber starts off just like you normally would if you were building a list from the Internet – from a search engine result. Search engine results could be from Google, from social networks, professional linking sites, and online directories or from job portals. With one click! LeadGrabber opens each search engine result and intelligently detects and extracts contact information such as name, company, job title, email, phone, fax, address, etc.

LeadResearcher Pro:

LeadResearcher Pro is a powerful and intelligent tool that quickly finds the missing contact information of your contacts based on the first name, last name and company name. It enables you to process multiple contacts at a time.

LeadResearcher (desktop based) software leverages this real time, targeted information to instantly find the missing/updated contact information that any inside sales professional is looking for.

Who can use LeadGrabber and LeadResearcher?

Sales and Marketing professionals Recruiters Any one who uses social / professional networking sites to build lead list andAny one who wants to update their aged database? It supports MS Excel, MS Outlook, ACT!, and PC Recruiter.

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