Debasish Majumder

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what is love?

Is it mere an infatuation?

Why we dedicate ourselves for love?

Is it just an expression of our reflex of emotion?

What an abstract ingredient it possess

Not knowing why we all are obsessed

But love alone can equate everything with a unique status quo

Where two opposites create a lovely hue

Centuries long an adage eclipsed our mind with an oxymoron

Love, Love and for Love alone

King Edward gave up his throne!

Love cannot be unconditional

It is a chemical configuration which is ephemeral

Only human beings can envisage and define its charm

A magical impact it produces in human's cerebrum

The excited electrons become positively charged

To make a bonding with another entity at large

There is always a  difference of intensity

Weak or strong interactions make a distinct clarity

Up, Down, Top or Bottom too plays a crucial role

How will we judge the quantum of love in a given bowl?

Love is a necessity

To ensure progress for humanity

Devoid of love

Whatever will envelop us will be sheer bluff

That too possess ingredients

To vitiate the available milieu with sheer abhorrence

Out of which only derives an eccentric attitude

Which is now overwhelmingly engulfing the globe with an unrestrained magnitude

Ceasing affinity and amity

Only flaring with utter cruelty

Abdicating throne of Edward being occupied by pernicious perpetratorsINTRIGUING LOVE!

Whose only aim is to jeopardize humanity with a deafening sound and uproar!

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Pascal Derrien

2 years ago #5

Love is a complex thing thanks for shedding some lite on a complicated feeling !!!

Thank you Manjit and your comment, hopefully, is the seed for such enriching comment.

CityVP Manjit

2 years ago #3

I think both views can be entertained without a contradiction because love in relationship to body chemistry cannot be unconditional, there is a physical reaction inside of us, just as our subconscious cannot be unconditional. Yet our choices in terms of how we meet the needs of others can be unconditional, for that condition is determined by our actions in the world. To come to the world in an unconditional way relates to the conditions of the world. In the former we are talking about the conditional nature of man and in the latter about agape love where what is being addressed is in relationship with God or more accurately to be God-like. Since the subconscious is a huge part of our internal operating system love cannot be unconditional because the condition set by our subconscious is something we cannot control. Yet what we can control is in the bounds of unconditional love because these conditions are man made.

Dear @Debasish- a strong poem that has points to discuss. As much as your poem is flowing, equally it warrants good discussions. I give one example: Love cannot be unconditional It is a chemical configuration which is ephemeral You wrote love can't be unconditional; yet a comment on my recent buzz stated the value of unconditional love. So, you shall get some eyebrows. Great poem

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