Debasish Majumder

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Peasants tilling their soil

With their labor and toil

To yield more

With a hope to earn more

Centuries long this process exists

But fertility of soil do have due ability to resist

To overbear nature with human endeavor

Fertilizers and pesticides are used with random affair

Along with the help of genetics

I wonder, by assimilating those we human eventually produce

Our genesis are perhaps disfigured, are we trying to gauge veracity and adduce

We may claim in modern term, a paradigm shift

Are we truly aware how feral we are and paving a disastrous rift?

Are not we a product of time and space?

Are not we bearing the testimony of what happening in the universe with haste?

Are not we are in continuous process of change

Where dwarf Sun and black hole hardly give any time for us to recess

We are truly in a conundrum

To experience the universe and its charisma at random!

We human observe in our social milieu

The reflection of changes and its myriad hue

Sometimes we face the threat of carcinoma

Sometimes we are dazzled by nature’s confusing panorama

Male, Female and transgender

Three exist with its inherent motion to make huge clamor

We have experience of slave, monarchy, expansionism and of late terrorism

A continuous menace too posing to our very existence with a notorious rhythm!


I am in utter dismay

Whether we are inadvertently beckoning our jeopardy and doomsday

To pave the way of extinction of human race from this planet Earth

Where humanity alone is in sheer dearth?

It is scientifically proven

Energy neither can be created, nor destroyed

But in a continuous process to transform with a mystic woven

I wonder what energy

making a huge synergy

with an amazing chemistry

To usher the process of annihilation to accelerate

None perhaps to fathom its intensity and how to decelerate!

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"We have experience of slave, monarchy, expansionism and of late terrorism A continuous menace too posing to our very existence with a notorious rhythm!" Enlightening and thought-provoking piece, Debasish Majumder! Brilliantly penned.

Cyndi wilkins

2 years ago #8

I am in agreement with Pascal Derrien...We are fast becoming 'genetically modified humans' in our world of mass production. Dr. Frankenstein would have been proud! Elegant buzz Debasish usual;-)

CityVP Manjit

2 years ago #7

As Marshall McLuhan once said, that we need the artist to explain the big picture problems we grapple today, and in this regard Debasish you are an artist.

Jerry Fletcher

2 years ago #6

Debasish, Your lament I fear falls on many deaf ears. Humanity, it seems, has a need for speed that sends us hurtling through the light seeking darkness. And so it goes.

Pascal Derrien

2 years ago #5

You are very right in saying we are at risk to lose our humanity or become a species genetically modified in its core credentials 🤔

Your concern for nature has been a prime theme of your poems dear Debasish Majumder. You are justified and acknowledged for your persistent call to preserve nature. Sometimes we face a dilemma. I recall that when DDT was banned more people died for lack of crops than those who would have died because of using this insecticide.


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