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React Native vs. Ionic: Which is The Best Framework?

React Native vs. Ionic: Which is The Best Framework?

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When it comes to a comparison between the iOS and Android mobile framework it is very difficult to choose one between them as both are almost similar. However, there is a difference between react native and ionic framework which you need to know if you want to find which cross-platform mobile app framework is better in between them.

Overview of Ionic Framework

The ionic framework is a type of open-source and cross-platform that is used to develop hybrid mobile applications. It is a type of mobile app development framework and it is based on HTML 5. Since it is developed with the help of HTML5 it can work with Cordova as well as PhoneGap.

The ionic framework has many advantages such as it is a type of platform-independent application and it can be worked with the help of HTML, CSS, JS as well as Angular JS. With the help of ionic framework, it is possible to create a default mobile app with all types of user interface functionalities easily as well as efficiently. Moreover, the ionic framework is generally wrapped by Cordova and PhoneGap. 

Top ios app developer
s work on iOS’s UIWebView and the Android app developer use to work on Android’s WebView. It uses various types of web technologies which are used to write as well as render the application. With the help of PhoneGap as well as Cordova it is possible to reproduce the behavior of the best user experience. The new name that is given to the ionic native is ngCordova.

The ionic framework is a fast development testing cycle and it is very easy to learn and work with the Ionic framework. In the Ionic framework, it is possible to write the code in TypeScript which is used to develop the application for all platforms. With the Ionic framework, it is possible to access the native functionalities with various plugin systems.

Overview of React Native Framework

React Native is a type of JavaScript library which is used to develop the user interface. It is generally maintained and managed by the community of developers and corporations. With the help of React Native, even the novice iOS app developer or Android app developer can also speed up the learning and development process.

The main advantage of React Native framework is that it allows the developer to reuse the code and as a result, the iOS app developer or Android app developer can develop and deliver the mobile app very quickly and efficiently. Moreover, when there are any issues which are related to React native framework, it is possible to discuss the issue with the React Native with the community and with that the issues can be solved easily and quickly.

React native framework is the type of independent of iOS and Android platform. That means the code that is written for the iOS mobile app can also be used for Android mobile.

Comparison between Ionic and React Native framework

The following is the difference between the ionic and React native framework:

  • The ionic framework uses web technology for improved portability whereas React Native framework uses a functional user interface.
  • In the ionic framework, Typescript is used which is a typed superset of JS and it is capable to compile JS on any type of web browser whereas in reacting native framework JSX is used which has the ability to optimize the code at the time of when the code is compiled to JS.
  • The ionic framework is generally pre-developed and pre-styled components but in react native framework only a few pre-developed components are used.
  • In ionic framework iOS app developer or Android app developer needs to write the code only once and can reuse the code anywhere they need for example they can use it to develop Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Web, Desktop, etc. but in react native they write the code once and can only use to develop apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.
  • In the ionic framework, it uses WebView whereas in React Native there is no WebView.
  • In the ionic framework, the developer can test the code on any type of browser whereas in react native framework the developer needs an emulator or sometimes a real mobile device for testing the code.
  • In the ionic framework, Apache Cordova is used whereas in react native framework there is no need for Apache Cordova it itself is capable enough.

Thus when it comes to comparison between ionic frameworks and react native frameworks it is seen that both these framework are completely different from each other. In some case, they have some similarity whereas in some cases they are completely opposite to each other. Apart from that they also offer completely different web and mobile development. The iOS app developer or Android app developer choose the ionic framework and React Native framework based on the reusability of the code and the performance of the app.

Nowadays it is seen that most of the enterprise goes to that mobile development company that has the capability to develop the app at a very fast speed. This is because the more quickly you develop an app the more are the chances to earn revenue. If a company takes a lot of time to develop the app then there is no use as the costing of developing the app in such a case becomes huge. 

That is the reason why nowadays enterprise always looks to develop the app at a quick speed. In fact, nowadays the budget becomes a secondary consideration and speedy delivery of app remains the first choice of all enterprise. It is found that developing app using React Native is generally faster as compared to the ionic framework. The reason behind is fast delivery is that React Native framework is mainly based on JavaScript and writing code in JavaScript for a top app developer is comparatively easy and simple.  

Apart from that, it is also found that when an app is developed with React Native framework it is supported on any latest operating system platform and that is the reason why most of the developers and enterprise supports React Native framework than an Ionic framework.                  


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