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Role of Big Data in Mobile Application Development

Role of Big Data in Mobile Application Development


The fundamental concept of data creation has been in use for a very long time. Data creation helps in using the data in a product or service or is used to create a new record. The high usage of data arises a competition between the mobile application development companies. Priorly, Big data was used as a tool for the promotion of any educational application, but now it has become one of the major parts of the web development industry

It provides the basis of statistical and predictive data. You can collect large amounts of data from various sources and analyze them. It should help in:

  • Cost reduction
  • New product development
  • Smart decision making
  • Time reduction

Working of Big Data

There are 5 key steps to take charge of Big Data that includes traditional, structural, unstructured, and semi-structured data:

1. You Have to Set a Big Data Strategy

When you are developing a strategy, you have to consider existing and future business and technology goals and initiatives. 

2. You Should Know the Sources of Big Data

Big data can be collected from various sources
  • Streaming data from the internet of things
  • Social media data can be collected from various platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, etc. 
  • Data may come from the data lake, cloud data source, suppliers, and customers.

3. You Should Access, Manage and Store Big Data Efficiently  

There should be flexibility to access massive amounts of data. Along with the access, the data should be manageable. The data can be stored in the warehouse or it can be stored on cloud solutions or Hadoop.

4. You Should Analyze Big Data 

For analyzing Big data, high-end technologies can be used like in-memory analytics, organizations can also use Big data for analysis. 

5. You Should Make Intelligent and Data-Driven Decisions 

If the data is well managed and well analyzed, it can make trusted decisions. The data-driven organization perform better and are considered more profitable.

Now a question may arise in your mind about how Big Data influences application development. As we all know mobile apps are user friendly and easy to use them for fulfilling their daily demands. This shows a very big impact on big data.

It is seen that the young developers are welcoming the change of the programming languages like java and swift.

Even the developers will explore something new, the future of Big Data in java is extremely bright.

Impact of Big Data in Mobile App Development

Why is the mobile app loved by the people?

It’s simple as mobile apps are fast, attractive, and have ease of use. Companies are trying hard, to ensure mobile application development is done efficiently. “Big Data” is a lifesaver for the applications. 

The Big Data not only analyzes the data but also runs much deeply.

Major Impacts

1) Customer’s Demands:

The most important aim of Big Data on mobile application development is to satisfy the needs of the customer. In order to seek customer’s requirements, we need to understand what the customer needs. But this is not the major concern, you also need to seek the budget. 

The data is first analyzed and made used by the companies to provide uniqueness and remarkable insights. 

The raw data is used by the customers who are buying or selling a product. As a result, the companies provide complete information for the data to grow in the market place. 

The data helps to categorize the users on the basis of lifestyle, geographical locations, background, age gaps, etc.

2) Analyzing the Experiences of the User     

The mobile app development companies are expanding widely. The requirements of the customers are necessary but the process of using these apps is also very different. So, with the help of big data analysis, you can record the user experience. As a result, you can study and analyze the engagement of each user separately. With the analysis, it becomes easier for web developers to add new features and pages which are liked by the customers.

3) Personalization

The raw data isn’t easy to understand. Hence, with the use of big data, it can be accessed and managed and analyzed properly. The personalized data helps in giving a good user experience and upgrading the data. Big data provides smarter answers to mobile application developers for better results.

4) Real-Time Access to Data  

Companies have to change their strategies in order to satisfy the ever-changing requirements of the customers. 
Big data is used by the companies to improvise the mobile app development process. 
It helps the companies to make data-driven and real-time decisions to upgrade the user experience. This helps in increment of the profit rate.

5) Analysis of User Experience 

The customer needs to be kept in mind while developing an app. Big data basically covers core functionalities which help in a better understanding of user behavior. The flow of data and building a mobile app using that data to enhance the user experience. 

6) Increment in Conversion Rate

The basic purpose is to increase the traffic, ultimately leading to a high conversion rate. Big data is not limited to accessing data locally, it is accessing the data world-wide.
People are aware of the pattern of purchasing, target audience, and computing the big data element.
This basically helps in increment of the application performance and engagement of the user universally.


The role of big data in mobile app development is major. In this era of advancement, the market is very competitive and the impact of big data on businesses tends to change rapidly. It would create an innovation when an app developer with extensive knowledge of big data would work towards the advancement of technology. Considering the on-going situation, the importance of Big data is going to be more than we can foresee.

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