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Top Frameworks & Libraries in 2020

Top Frameworks & Libraries in 2020

In today’s date there are hardly any applications that have not been built using a framework or a library. They make development so much easier. They abstract out the underlying complexities and makes it easier to implement what we want within a few lines of code. There are libraries and frameworks for different purposes but the majority of them are used for web application development and are JavaScript based. With Machine Learning on the rise, there are a lot of python libraries as well that are used heavily for the same. Although many developers use frameworks and libraries rigorously, they fail to understand the difference between them. In this article, we will discuss what are frameworks and libraries, the difference between them, and then finally dive into the popular frameworks and libraries used till date.

What is a Framework?

Frameworks are something that provide a boilerplate to build applications. Frameworks are application-specific i.e. they have been built to solve a particular problem. For example, using python we can create whatever we want but Flask which is a python framework is used to build web applications only. Frameworks take care of the essentials so that we do not have to write everything from scratch and only focus on building the web application. For example, using flask we do not have to worry about writing code to handle ports, HTTP packets, HTTP requests, and responses from scratch.

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What is a Library?

A Library is a collection of functions or modules that solves a specific problem. For Example, REACT is a JavaScript that solves the problem of DOM manipulation. If we were to create a user interface using vanilla JS, you can imagine the amount of work needed to put in to get the required result. On the other hand, REACT easily does that for us.

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