Debasish Majumder

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Virus and bacteria are minute

They are not visible in our naked eye

We human are truly no match to vie

But they are responsible for our pain in acute

Sometimes take toll of numerous lives like deluge

It is truly difficult to combat them

While they are in spree to cause immense mayhem

But they don’t possess any conscious intention

Only focusing to responsible for our obliteration

Perhaps they don’t know what mess they cause in our domain

A phobia engulfs us how to get rid of their detrimental reign!

Doctors, scientists continuously struggle

How to obliterate then from human’s muzzle

Myriad inventions they made

To ensure our haven without any stress

We applaud them for their sincere effort

They are the true crusaders who only dedicate for our comfort

We adore them as cult

Hardly realize they are the only constituents removing us from any pernicious occult

They garner profuse fame

We just salute for their effort to conclude any pernicious game!

There are innumerable viruses and bacteria

Some are helpful enable us to sustain our inertia

We exist out of their presence

They only ensure on Earth to enjoy a magnificent essence

If we tend to ignore all as insignificant

How will we claim we are supreme and excellent?

It is the atoms which construe a molecule

But alas! We human only having the tendency to ignore small and ridicule!

There are innumerable scientists

They explore the microorganism with serious strategies

For them only we are living with vigor

Our solemn to those dedicated souls who ensure our lives to explore

Paving many to follow their tedious paths

Humanity only shines for their sincere endeavors!

I am only afraid of humans with certain nefarious affairs

Who are having he detrimental effect of a dreadful virus

They can cause immense harm to humanity in chorus

What an amazing strength they possess

Vehemently condemn and criticize them who are serious to address

About the impending danger who alert us to ingress

I really do not the panacea

How they could be annihilated for disseminating an unwanted anathema

But I still wonder how they acquire their food

How they exist and become active in human’s roof!


In human spectrum they appear as enormous

I wonder in human eye how we acquire food to identify them

Our eyes itself an intriguing organ

Without blood vessels how cornea get its food

How it dilute the external agents

How it sends signals to our brain to produce maps

Which enamored us with snaps!

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Geoff Hudson-Searle

3 years ago #9

A super buzz Debasish Majumder, wonderfully written, thought provoking and very inquisitive to life. Have a wonderful weekend!

Jerry Fletcher

3 years ago #8

Debasish, Until my daughter became a Microbiologist I had no idea of these organisms that literally control our well-being. this is a fitting tribute.

Each and every role is important, whether bad or good. How we determine the purpose is key.

Thank you dear Debasish Majumder. There are many questions and reminders of real life. Size isn't the differentiation; it is what we make with our lives and keep them balanced.

art with a huge A

what a beautiful expression of your respect and honor for others Debasish Majumder

Debasish Majumder

3 years ago #2

Randall Burns

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