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I am in the pinnacle of my success

Sky is my limit, I aspire to reach beyond any limit

I hardly care of my designed ambit

I am in an insatiate state to quench my greed.

I wanted to become an axiom

I wish everybody would eulogize my wisdom

I feel sheer ecstasy

When in and around people consider me as cult to subscribe their fancy

I take delight

People alone tend me to highlight

I soar high and high and high

My success truly get a sensible fly!

My success equated by my amassed wealth

I managed to manoeuver and manipulate people's labor with brazen trait

My only aspiration is to acquire wealth

At any cost I ignored to bother

What I may eventually yield in rapture 

 My inherent quality is only to claim and overbear!

My only fancy to sell dreams

I cannot hear numerous screams

To induce many to adhere to my claim of false realm

I only persist out of their praise and hymns

I truly satisfied that many are trapped to my designed devise

Innovations and disruptions are becoming synonymous for the sign of growth and rise!

I am seller of dreams

But I no longer desirous to buy others whims

I undermine others quality and innovative realms

I enjoy others devastation and decimation for their inherent mechanism

If majority ignore to buy

I will no longer exist to vie

I am a product of mass exploitation and greed

From acrimonious and enigmatic fetus I emerge only to breed

With an intensity to force many to align with my designed script.

Three in one is my only slogan

By which I tend to show

I am successful and I glow

My existence is an axiom for many to blow

I hardly care about the majority's situation and sufferings

I only believe in my vision to glow which is only in offing!

I believe in three in one

The only protocol enable all to churn

From facing problem and to figure out and resolve

I wish majority too align with my clarion call for absolve

I cannot retrospect myriad Monarchs and authorities regime

How they decimated by time's tyranny and innocuous algorithm

Where disgrace engulfed their glory

A new regime evolved in due time to generate new form of fury

Hardly I could fathom in my orbital plane

At its center concentrated a huge memoir of various powerful rulers regime

They exist in an abstract form

Usher a new rhythm to emerge in nature's floor with different norm!


I do believe and adhere

'I ' never appear in small letter

But vowels are surely distinct

Yet it contains the essence of consonant to vibrate and persist 

Letters arrangement uphold the very essence of unity

Which paves the way for conglomeration of human to praise humanity!

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Debasish Majumder

11 months ago #4

thank you John Rylance for stopping by and shared your valued comment. i am privileged and honored.

Pascal Derrien

11 months ago #3

success as an illusion nice one :-)

John Rylance

11 months ago #2

As always a rhought provoking piece.

Debasish Majumder

11 months ago #1

Javier \ud83d\udc1d CR

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