Estimation and Sales Support Manager - Noida, India - IDCUBE

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    Company Name:- IDCUBE Identification Systems Private Limited

    Job Title:- Estimation and Sales Support Manager

    Work Location:- Noida

    Division/Department:- Presales

    Experience:-8 to 10 Years

    Salary Budget:- As per industry standards with attractive commission.

    No of Position:- 1

    Reports to:- Country Manager- Channel Business (India)

    Company Introduction:-

    Founded in 2005, IDCUBE Identification Systems Private Limited is a global software company with offices in the USA, UAE, Malaysia, and India. We specialize in delivering on-prem and cloud-based physical security platforms to distributors and system integrators. Our solutions are backed by an impressive track record of over 4500 successful product case studies from more than 20 countries.

    At IDCUBE, we address the fragmented physical security market with our integrated approach, which minimizes costs and complexities associated with assembling solutions from diverse software brands. Our comprehensive software modules provide streamlined physical security management across various architectures.

    In addition to our core offerings, IDCUBE is also known for its AI-powered cloud-based access control solutions, further enhancing our capabilities in the field of physical security.

    Our commitment to innovation and excellence has made IDCUBE a trusted partner for businesses and organizations worldwide seeking robust and cutting-edge solutions for their security needs.

    Job Description:-

    As an Estimation and Sales Support Manager for Access Control systems, your role likely involves a blend of technical expertise, project management, and customer interaction.

    Here's an outline of your potential responsibilities:

    A. Estimation:

    • Analysing project requirements, such as RFQs/Tenders specifications, and client needs, to accurately estimate the cost of required systems.
    • Utilizing software tools (Odoo) and databases to generate cost estimates for materials, 3rd part equipment's, and other project expenses wrt the project timelines.
    • Collaborating with engineers, designers, and other team members to ensure accurate and competitive bids.
    • Prepare the documents for the proposal, tenders.
    • Reviewing and refining estimates based on the corrigendum/feedback from Partners/ clients and stakeholders.

    B. Sales Support:

    • Assisting the sales team in understanding technical aspects of required systems and effectively communicating value propositions to potential partners/customers.
    • Participating in client meetings, presentations, and site visits to discuss project requirements and provide technical expertise.
    • Developing proposals, presentations, and sales collateral/TDS to support the sales process.
    • Providing input to product development teams based on market trends and customer feedback.

    C. Project Coordination:

    • Liaising between the sales, engineering, and project management teams to ensure smooth transition from sales to project execution.
    • Providing technical guidance and support during project implementation, addressing any issues or concerns that arise.
    • Monitoring project progress and budget to ensure adherence to estimates and customer expectations.
    • Collaborating with subcontractors, vendors, and suppliers to procure materials and services as needed.

    D. Customer Relationship Management:

    • Building and maintaining strong relationships with customers, addressing their inquiries and concerns in a timely and professional manner.
    • Understanding customer needs and preferences to tailor solutions that meet their requirements.
    • Following up with customers after project completion to gather feedback and identify opportunities for improvement or additional sales.

    E. Market Analysis and Strategy:

    • Monitoring industry trends, competitor activities, and market dynamics to identify opportunities for business growth.
    • Contributing to the development of sales and marketing strategies to promote IDCUBE systems and services.
    • Conducting market research and analysis to identify potential customers and target markets.

    F. Price Engineering & Value Proposition, Training and Development:

    • Providing project specific Tips and guidance to Sales for cost optimisation wrt competition ensuring IDUCBE's win for the project.
    • Providing training and guidance to sales staff on technical aspects of project wrt desired solution.
    • Staying updated on new technologies, regulations, and best practices.
    • Encouraging continuous learning and professional development within the team.

    In summary, as an Estimation and Sales Support Manager for IDCUBE systems, you play a crucial role in ensuring the successful delivery of projects by accurately estimating costs, supporting the sales process, coordinating project execution, and maintaining strong relationships with customers.