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Which Country Has The Best Mobile App Developers

Which Country Has The Best Mobile App Developers

Which Country Has The Best Mobile
App Developers

When it comes to Olympics, which country would win?

Most people would just make an assumption that the United States would be the winner. After all, it is from American that we got Bill Gates, Ken Thompson, and others. These people are the luminaries when it comes to programming.

But then, India doesn’t lag behind either. When we talk about developers, Indian also has a very high number.

The Indian app developers have very high numbers with professionals sprouting up from different regions. Same is the case with Russia as well. The hackers there are efficient and effective at their jobs.

So, how can one determine which would be the best country for programming? How does one find out about the best mobile app developers?

Checking The Data To Examine Facts

There are many different challenges that have the basis of coding in them. The task of the developer is to solve these challenges. This is a mark of their skills and knowledge.

The developers from all over the globe come together and solve these challenges. With knowledge about different domains and algorithms, the developers attempt to solve these problems.

The developers have ranks and scores on the basis of their speed and accuracy in solving the problems.

According to a recent survey[1], here are the results.

When it comes to the scores, Russia and China seem to be the leading names. The developers from China have the highest scores in the problems of Mathematics, data structure, and functional programming.

While this is the case, the Russians also perform really well with the algorithms. This area is a bit competitive and hence they have a high score when it comes to development.

The developers from India and USA rank 31st and 28th when it comes to programming.

Best Developers According To The Challenges

Here we have a look at some of the tests that are popular among all the developers.

We started the analysis for the types of tests which are popular among the developers.  The developers can have the choice of candidates in 15 different domains, but few have more popularity.

One of the most popular domains that exist in the developing world is algorithms. There are about 40% developers that are competing against each other.

The challenges in this domain are about the sorting of the data. Also, searching keywords and dynamic programming constitute this domain. The whole challenge is done completely on the basis of logic.

The choice of language for the algorithm challenges is not that certain. The developers can use any language that they want.

Algorithms also play an important role in the coding interviews as well. So, it is a very popular field amongst the developers. The best app developers are the ones that are able to solve the algorithm challenges. Apart from that, there is Data structures and Java. These domains have a 10% share in the challenges.

The tests that are not that popular are the security tests and the distributed systems. However, there are many developers that complete these challenges as well.

It is on the basis of these tests that we will be able to decide which country would win. However, in order to do that, it is important to look at the total scores. There is a process of standardizing the scores. We would subtract the mean from the score and then divide it by the standard deviation.

This helps in finding out the average score of every single one of the countries. There is no doubt that some of the challenges are pretty tough than the others.

So, this also helps in making a proper comparison of the challenges. Each of the countries has a score for measuring which is the highest.

It might come off as a surprise that China won the game in this case. The score of Russia was about 99.9 out of a total of 100. Switzerland and Poland came pretty close with a 98.

However, the main surprise is that USA and India don’t even come on the top half. The overall score of India is a 76. This puts it in the 31st position.

America has the 28th position with a score of 78. So, do the Indian app developers not have the same efficiency as the others?

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However, China clearly has the best mobile app developers according to the domains. However, they don’t really dominate the board. There is another sector that is pretty important. It is the programming language skills.

Though China marked outstanding performance whereas everyone else on an average scale, they didn’t dominate. So which country shown the excellence of it developers in various skills?

Let’s take a tour to find out the top countries in each set of a domain.

There are many domains where the performance of China is commendable. These domains are mathematics, data structures, and programming. However, Russia won the game with the algorithms.

In the algorithm challenges, Poland and China came pretty close to Russia. So, what is it that decides the different levels of performance?

Well, it would definitely have to be the different sections of the challenges that these countries master in. These challenges and the programming language are the deciding factors.

So, it is pretty clear that based on different challenges, there is a different winner. While China might dominate the market in one type, Russia does in another one.

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