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A Home in The Wilds

A Home in The WildsKanha National Park is a home in the wilds. It is a home for fantastic charismatic wild animals, reptiles, butterflies and birds. It is situated in Central India or the State of Madhya Pradesh. 

Kanha is a National Park and a Tiger Reserve being a protected area the space is reserved only for other life forms and not humans. You will only find forest guards living in small homes within the confines. It is a conservation unit hence lot of activities goes on to save the tiger and other endangered animal species. While the focus is on conservation Kanha management also conducts tourism is a small area which is divided into zones for the purpose. The zones are means of restricting vehicles on excursions to a particular area of the jungle. 


The zones are allotted during the issuance of the excursion permit and you have to stick to one that is allotted to you. Hence of the limited number of jeeps allowed to enter the park a set is restricted to their particular zone. This is one means of regulated tourism which has born fruit since a number of years. 


Keeping the home of the wild denizens at complete peace is the purpose of the regulated tourism. Animals have freedom in this conservation unit and on tiger safari you can see them with ease. Wildlife watching has become an intense holiday activity in India and abroad. 

Large number of tourists from all over arrive to spend time on wild holiday. They indulge in animal and bird watching, photography and filming and just enjoy nature which is totally undisturbed and wild.        

luxury hotels in Kanha offer the best in comforts and experience. Make a choice after reading reviews and seeking referrals and you will enjoy the stay.  A good choice will mean a memorable experience day and night. Some of the luxury resorts offer comforts and luxuries coupled with grand service like the star hotels far away from the maddening crowd. 

if you are planning a holiday then fly to New Delhi. Then fly to Jabalpur and a four hours drive will fetch you to Kanha National Park. Enjoy!   

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