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LOST & FOUND - by Devesh Bhatt

The silence is gone. · Did she leave me behind? · Never to return. · Was I crude and unkind? · When I mocked those who sought, · a tranquil abode. · I said look inside, · Repent and unload. · Now I look within, · I’m a deafening sound. · An empty reflection, · Echoing ...

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Is it What it Is? - by Devesh Bhatt

Is it what it is, · or is it something else? · What I know for certain. · Curiosity compels. · Even if I listen, · To all that it tells. · I only keep, · What easily sells. · Is it what it is? · Or is it something less? · What i know for certain, · is anyone's guess. ...

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Saraf Hotels Ltd , one of South Asia’s premier hotels group with pan India operations has appointed PJ Mammen as the Chief Operating Officer. · Saraf Hotels own 13 properties spread across India and Nepal, with 9 hotels operating under the Hyatt brand. The company is poised to ex ...

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MUSINGS - by Devesh Bhatt

Musings of a beautiful calm, · Held me like a loving palm. · Amidst the trials, a needed touch, · Before misery, could become a crutch. · This calm, seldom, felt annoyed, · Or rush through senses, overjoyed. · It slowly took me, in it's fold. · It gave a new voice, to thoughts un ...

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WORDS ONCE TOLD -by Devesh Bhatt

Some words once told, · Have now grown old. · They don't wish, · To live on aid. · In the name of love, · Or a cause of hate, · Or biases that sink, · Unweighed. · Refusing false work, · Or to Aimlessly lurk. · Trying to shed, · Each strange disguise. · They yearn to see, · Their ...

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BASELESS - by Devesh Bhatt

First, endure the broken, · And then, why no more? · Do i dig the baseless, · Through depths that i adore? · Till the slow erosion of passion, · And a hard brute, revealed. · Concocting much confusion, · That life has been healed. · For, i have no debt to sentiment, · Such invers ...

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WHY BOTHER?-by Devesh Bhatt

I despise, · The chaos, · When i dwell, · In the horrors, · Of circumstance. · With order, · Reduced, · To redundancy, · Of Rants, · Or brainless chants. · Did we, · Weather, · Adversity, · To fabricate, · A suicidal trance? · Decaying, · On sediment, · Of sentiment. · A sly foss ...

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WHAT NEXT? - by Devesh Bhatt

Follow me, · Till i let you down. · Then lead the way, · Till you lose ground. · Then another would come, · To steal your crown. · The sheep applaud, · A new leader is found. · Picture me, · As a wishful past. · Tow the line, · Till you are outcast. · For another to rise, · And h ...

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PARASITE - by Devesh Bhatt

You can always walk out, · There's no leash, no chain. · While i give you bread, · Just ignore your pain. · For i have nothing else, · That i can give. · But an easy life, · Cause i let you live. · You want to see it all, · With your own eyes. · There is nothing to learn, · But h ...

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FEELS GOOD TO BE(e) on beBee - by Devesh Bhatt

Last year I was introduced to by Jim Murray. What I still remember from his message was this “ Bebee has been pretty amazing experience for me so far. And a number of people I was close to on Linkedin, who have also moved to Bebee, echo my sentiments.” · I ...

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DEJECTED -by Devesh Bhatt

The hurt calls me by my name. · The dirt knows me by my aim. · Everyday shows me what i can't claim. · Every night, my pittance gets another blame. · As the voice from within, ·  You continue to deride me. · There's no way to amend, · You don't try to advise me. · Come dance on m ...

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A LOVE SONG - by Devesh Bhatt

Beauty is a breath of fresh air, · Which smells of love that you and i share, · For the mountain breeze that waves your hair, · As the night makes dreams of each nightmare. · Beauty is what the mighty river sings, · A soulful tune that only love brings, · Till our wandering heart ...

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I MUST FLOW -by Devesh Bhatt

In the depths of my knowing, · I see my true self flowing. · Where the knowing keeps on growing, · And the growing  nurtures knowing, · Confusions are no more annoying, · But a thoughtful way of going. · So i flow,with the currents of senses, · Armed with logical defences, · Thro ...

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RAMBLINGS - by Devesh Bhatt

The last, of what has lasted, · Regresses, with regret. · The loss, is lost to grandeur, · Of memories, that infect. · In a world, seeking answers, · With explanations, on how to explain? · To proceed, for progress, · With the remainder, of all that remains. · And the divide, wit ...

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Hello Blaine Little · I recently read your buzz “When writing was about writing”.  · You are aware that we have disagreed on many occasions but I believe that this one deserves a response in the form of a buzz.  · I admire your writing as I find the expressions of inner conflict ...

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WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE - by Devesh Bhatt

When you know all the ills around, · I am not the one you seek. · To execute judgement on people, · Whose own guilt makes them weak. · I do not wish to barter an embrace, · Of your arms, before I wander on. · I would never stand this ground, · Let alone understand  your scorn. · ...

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THE OTHERS - by Devesh Bhatt

The wise don’t try, · To make the others think. · And when they all do, · It's a wicked wise wink. · The wise really love, · the whispers in their head. · but not this world, · which fears the unsaid. · The wise entice, · the others under their shadow. · and when they all do, · i ...

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KEEP IT TOGETHER - by Devesh Bhatt

You stare at this world. · Your eyes disagree. · They wish for more, · What you desire to see. · But your dreams are wired , · To this social battery. · Here you fail to identify tastes, · And the tasks don't make much sense. · Surely you do not need this cup, · To achieve · you ...

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JUST TO FEEL LUCKY - by Devesh Bhatt

I was hanging, · I was hollow. · You were crawling, · Filled with sorrow. · And the choices, · To make a difference, · Seemed damaged, · Beyond tomorrow. · I was hanging, · Hooked on empty. · You were crawling, · Roughed up plenty. · And the chances, · To be another. · Though qui ...

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SHE WAS ONCE MY FRIEND - by Devesh Bhatt

The Dark was friendly, · She was once my friend. · She kept the light out, · She let anyone in. · She shared my hurt, · And what I thought was sin. · Told me to unload, · She told me to shine again. · While I was dull, · She tried to teach me why. · World has a lot to s ...

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